A Critique of Modernist Approaches to Urban Dwelling Towards an Inclusive Model for Post-apartheid South Africa

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Chloe Ferryn Naidoo


Apartheid planning approaches have significantly contributed to the lower quality of dwelling of marginalized groups and the continued betterment of dwellings of privileged minorities, on the other hand. This paper aims to critically review the socio – spatial manifestations of segregatory design approaches towards finding inclusive approaches that can benefit contemporary South African urban communities. The qualitative methodology compromises a literature review, and precedent studies of key precincts in the Durban CBD. This study is part of a Theory of Architecture III course, undertaken by a group of third year students, who are the authors of this paper, under the facilitation of Dr Yashaen Luckan at the School of Built Environment and Development Studies, University of KwaZulu Natal. The methodology importantly includes graphic analysis/drawing as a method of inquiry.

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