The Introduction, Adaption and Use of IBTs in South Africa: A Case Study of AV Light Steel Potchefstroom , SA

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Sanele Mbambo
Samuel Babatunde Agbola
Olorunfemi Olojede Ayodeji


This paper examines how innovative building technologies (IBTs) could be used to off-set housing backlog in the post-apartheid South Africa using the AV Light Steel, along with its sister company, Tshitshirisang Construction Company as a case study of a committed trailblazer in the manufacturing and use of light steel as an IBT for housing production in South Africa. The Fortis Building System (FBS), its cutting-edge technology, is aptly described as a nexus between technology and construction as it affords the company significant advantages over competitors in the construction industry. The research methodology included participatory observation, semi-structured interviews with system producer officials and beneficiaries of IBT products. Beneficiaries attested to the efficacy of the AV Light Steel houses. The challenges of IBT and the company were found to include buy-in and marketing of its products despite the many successful projects. The conclusion confirms the beneficial prospects of IBTs in solving housing backlog in South Africa.

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