Focus and Scope

The Journal of Inclusive Cities and Built Environment is a component of the SARChI Chair for Inclusive Cities in South Africa. It is a University based Journal aimed at disseminating research outcomes in Inclusive Cities focused on vulnerable groups such as migrants, elderly, people living with disabilities, children, gender, race, and class. It also looks at city issues like Urban liveability and Sustainable development. The Journal seeks to bring together researchers across the world to share scientific knowledge in city inclusivity and all sectors of the built environment vocation. The Journal of Inclusive Cities and Built Environment (J-ICBE) is a peer reviewed journal published biannually

J-ICBE is a peer-reviewed, International Journal which publishes research on inclusive cities and built environment.

Prior to publication, each publication in J-ICBE is reviewed by at least three independent peer reviewers.

Research Articles

This journal only accepts high quality articles, scientific based and not submitted or published elsewhere before.  See author’s guidelines.

Book Reviews

This journal only publishes invited book reviews. If you want to recommend a book for a review, contact the editor.

Peer Review Process

Peer review is the process by which the J-ICBE scrutinises and regulates the quality of content published by inviting experts in the field to review and comment on manuscripts received.

Manuscripts submitted to the J-ICBE first go through an initial screening by the editorial team.

Those that pass the initial screening are sent to at least 3 experts for peer review.

Peer reviewers will independently make recommendations to the managing editor as to whether the manuscript should be rejected or accepted (with or without revisions).

The journal editor will consider all the feedback from peer reviewers and make an informed decision to accept or reject the manuscript


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