Journal for the Study of Religion

The Journal for the Study of Religion (JSR) is published by the Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa (ASRSA). JSR is an international peer-reviewed and accredited journal that publishes interdisciplinary contributions in the study of religion. JSR invites articles, and responses to articles of up to 10 000 words dealing with topics relevant to the contemporary scholarly significance of the academic comparative study of religion. (Longer articles may also be considered for publication.) Book reviews between 1000-1200 words are also welcome. Editor-in-Chief: Prof. JA Smit Online ISSN: 2413-3027 Print ISSN:1011-7601

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EDITORIAL BOARD: Abdulkader Tayob (University of Cape Town); Abrahim H Khan (University of Toronto); Afe Adogame (Princeton University); Carole M Cusack (University of Sydney); Chrissie Steyn (University of South Africa); Cornelia Roux (North-West University); Elaine Nogueira-Godsey (Methodist Theological School Ohio); Farid Esack (University of Johannesburg); Federico Settler (University of KwaZulu-Natal) ; Hui-Xuan Xu (University of Hong Kong); Jan Platvoet (Leiden University); Kobus Kruger (University of South Africa); Martin Prozesky (University of Free State); Maurice Joseph Nutt (Xavier University of Louisiana) ; Michel Clasquin-Johnson (University of South Africa); Morny Joy (University of Calgary); Nina Hoel (KIFO Institute for Church, Religion, and Worldview Research, Norway); Rosalind Hacket (University of Tennessee) ; Stephen Bigger (University of Worcester); Tim Jensen (University of Southern Denmark); Tinyiko Maluleke (University of Pretoria).