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Alternation is an interdisciplinary academic peer-reviewed open access journal for policy makers, practitioners, and the research community, on the Arts and Humanities and related fields in Southern Africa. Each journal issue is thematic, and the product of an Alternation Research Group under the leadership of one or more of the members of the Alternation Editorial Committee. Alternation invites articles, and responses to articles of up to 10 000 words dealing with topics relevant to the contemporary scholarly significance of the academic comparative study of the Arts and Humanities. (Longer articles may also be considered for publication.) Book reviews between 1000-1200 words are also welcome.



Religion and Social Responsibility

Call for Papers for the December Special Issue on Religion and Social Responsibility.

In the context of the current endemic corruption, competition for (scarce) resources, service delivery protests, and socio-political violence in sub-Saharan Africa, this topic seeks to address the ways and means through which religious systems, movements and organizations address, intervene, mediate, criticise or collaborate with these forces. The main rationale for this is that the diverse religions and religious organizations in sub-Saharan Africa should seek to promote responsive (religious and political) leadership, accountable governance and responsible citizenship.

Editors: J.A. Smit, L. Siwila and D. Chetty
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