Attributes for the field of practice of the administrator and office manager

Shairn Hollis-Turner


The arrangements for the curriculum for administration studies are based mainly on the work of the
administrator in support of people in different professions, industries, and contexts. The research objectives on
which this study focused, aimed to identify those attributes which are considered legitimate for carrying out
office management work, and to establish the attributes required by graduates of the National Diploma in
Office Management to enter the field of practice. The utilisation of the Specialisation dimension of
Legitimation Code Theory (Maton, 2014) enabled the identification of the attributes required for graduates to
function effectively in the workplace. A Delphi approach comprising three rounds of surveys was utilised and
distributed to employers, academics and graduates. A survey was also distributed to third year and alumni
students. The findings show that the employers and practitioners have strong consensus on the generic
qualities such as self-management, participating in team work, having honesty and integrity and applicable
attitudes and conduct for graduates entering the field of practice. This is significant as these attributes are
considered legitimate for the expected identity of administrators and office managers in future professional


Graduate attributes; administrators;office management; Legitimation Code Theory

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