Journal History

The Journal of Education was established in 1969 as a largely ‘in-house’ publication of the University of Natal Department of Education. Most articles were written by University of Natal academics and 'friends'. In the 1970s, the journal moved towards becoming research-based and introduced peer reviewing of articles. There were no publications between 1986 and 1992, and then the Journal was started again in 1993, as a vehicle for 'progressive educationists' to publish their work. Its focus was on 'curriculum theory, history, policy, and development from multi-disciplinary perspectives’. It was accredited by SAPSE in 1997, which lead to a more diverse range of academics submitting articles. Since 1998, the articles have been freely available to download from the website. In the same year, the Journal was approached by the Kenton Education Association to publish their conference special edition and in 2004, the Journal became the periodical of the Kenton Education Association. With the birth of the SA Education Research Association (SAERA) in 2014, the Kenton Education Association was dissolved. The Journal is now the periodical of SAERA, and has grown to publishing at least 2 normal issues per year, as well as the Special Conference issue. For a short history of the journal see Harley, K. Hugo, W. and Wedekind, V. (2010) A periodical of its time: A brief history of the Journal of Education. Southern African Review of Education, 16(2), 21